Monday, July 14, 2008

Garden in July

I took some new pictures of the garden last week then forgot to post them. I finally got around to building my trellis which you can see behind the tomato and pepper plants. It's 7'h x 6'w. Not sure if I'll really need it that high, especially considering how slowly my plants are growing, but to make it shorter I would have had to cut the pipe more and it was a pain! So 7' it is. Not much difference in most things. The corn is popping up ok, and the tomato plants have grown a few inches. The potato plants are out of control, wish I'd had the materials to box them in higher, but oh well. Next year I'm definitely doing them in tires.

Here's the whole garden (not a very good pic):

Strawberry plants on the right (with no flowers or berries :P ) and in the raised box from right to left- carrots, potatoes, radishes and onions:
Lettuce and spinach in middle 6 squares. Yeah, not much there :P and my poor little hosta on the left, but it is doing better now.
In the back in the trellis area, from right to left- 2 pepper plants that haven't grown at all, flower, peas (need to get some stakes for the front row of peas), and 2 tomato plants. The tomato plants have actually gotten a little bigger since this pic. In front of those was supposed to be some herbs, but most didn't grow at all.
Corn in left 8 rows. I don't know how fast it's supposed to grow but hopefully it's doing good. And the little flashy wind thing I put in to scare off the birds that have been nibbling.

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