Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2 Month Update

Guess it's about time for another update :) Here's a few things going on with my garden:

* We had a surprise hailstorm last week. Luckily my sister was able to help me get a tarp up over the garden pretty quickly so most everything is still ok. The weight of the tarp did flatten some flowers as well as the onion stems, but most of the stuff has rebounded. The tarp wasn't long enough to cover the strawberry plants, so they got cut up pretty good, but since they haven't had any flowers or strawberries yet anyway it wasn't a problem.

* My tomato plants have grown a TON since the last time I took pictures, thank heavens. And they have tons of flowers and... my first tomato is growing! I am so excited that there is actually a little tiny tomato growing, hopefully a bunch more follow.

* The corn is still growing slowly but surely. I'm hoping for some nice yummy corn on the cob in a few months, mmmm.

* Oh, and I actually have a little lettuce plant growing more! Out of the 16 I planted I actually got one to grow! It's still little, but hopefully it'll keep growing enough to make a little salad. Of course out of the 18 spinach seeds I planted, none have lived past tiny seedlings lol.

*Little green worms have been munching on my radish leaves. Grr. I finally had a few growing better and then the little buggers tried to wipe them out. I finally caught them in the act and am now paying more attention to what is on my plants.

* My boys have been enjoying uprooting all the flowers again and again. I'm surprised I haven't had to replace them more often, they've been replanted so many times. I'm really glad I didn't plant veggies on the border so at least they are just playing with the flowers. I do need to replace a few flowers though, there's only so much abuse they can take lol.

OK, and now for some pics :)

The whole garden:
Radishes, onions, potatoes, carrots (or lack thereof), strawberry plants:
Hosta, and little lone lettuce plant in the middle, and the flowers in this section have been abused the worst by the boys:
Tomatoes, peas, peppers, and finally got one little herb plant growing though I can't remember what it is lol:
My first tomato!

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