Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My first harvest

Today I got to enjoy the first harvest from my garden- a lone pea pod. This is very exciting for me because this is the very first thing I have grown myself. This one pea pod had been getting plump the last few days so today I decided it was time to pick it and try out my first home-grown veggie. I popped it open and ate the little peas one by one. They were delicious! Perfectly ripe. I gave one to Jason, who took some convincing to actually bite into it, and he said it was yummy too. Hopefully we'll be getting some more yummy peas soon, there is one pod growing right now.

My tomato plants are doing great. It seems like the vertical growth stopped once it started growing the fruit. I don't know if that's normal, but I guess it would make sense that the growth is being routed to the fruit instead of height. As of today I have 19 tomatoes growing! It is so exciting. I can't wait to try out that first tomato.

Some of my corn is starting to get that top seedy part growing out now too, which is great. The plants are still kind of short (hm, seems to be a theme in my garden with plants not getting very tall) but as long as they grow some good ears I'll be happy.

Here are some pictures of the garden today:
The whole thing-

Radishes on left are actually doing a bit better, need to plant more. I had to tie the potato stems up because they were falling all over.

Bell pepper plants. Still small, but the one on the left is actually starting to get flowers now, so I may actually get some peppers.

Lettuce. I can probably start harvesting some leaves if I want :) (I have no idea why this picture keeps getting posted sideways)
Pea plants and I think the flowering plant on the left is cilantro.

Tomatoes. See all the cute little green tomatoes growing?


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